3D Print Heads

Suitable for all common 3D printers, our 3D print heads enable high-precision 3D printing. Abrasive and viscous 1-component or 2-component materials such as ceramics, silicones, adhesives, organic cell solutions for bio-printing or other fluids and pastes are dosed precisely.

3D models and shapes can be realized at varying speeds. And this with different layer thicknesses. We guarantee a structure-protecting additive application and can handle high viscosities. As a result, 3D print heads with previously unused materials open up completely new design possibilities.

ViscoTecs tried and tested endless piston principle offers numerous advantages to you. Apart from the feasibility of non-component-dependent sizes, the preci sion of the technology is a high priority.In addition, the endless piston principle is a technology for a wide range of product materials. Not to be disre-garded is the fact that a wide range of material proper-ties can be covered.

Industrial 3D printing with ViscoTec print heads

Precise, clean, automatic and repeatable: For precise material handling.

  • Gentle product conveyance of the material
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Precise start and end points
  • Programmable suck-back function
  • Dosage independent of viscosity

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