1-component dispensers

preeflow® eco-PEN
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A volumetric dosing system for precise dispensing that is able to apply minimum quantities of one-component fluids. Due to the ViscoTec endless piston principle watery up to pasty fluids can be feeded perfectly.Independent from viscosity fluctuations a clean and process reliable dosing can be realized. The controlled cutoff thanks to the suck-back effect marks the preeflow devices of the eco-PEN series next to many other features.

  • The preeflow® eco-PEN convinces
    Valveless sealed technology without dripping
    Dosing pressures of 16 to 20 bar are possible
    Smaller needle and nozzle cross-sections
    Pressure tank maybe dropped, depending on material
    Smallest dosing quantity: 0.001ml
    Dosing accuracy ± 1 %
    Repeat accuracy > 99 %

dam & fill eco-pen450 preeflow dispenser

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