Filling Pumps

ViscoTec filling pumps fulfill the demanding and strict requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Solid-containing and sensitive materials are filled absolutely shear-sensitive and industrial processes are optimized. Even abrasive materials can be filled highly precise. Our filling pumps can be easily integrated into already excisting processes and systems.

With our technology you acchieve a reliable, exact and automatic filling from a few microlitres to around 1 litre per second, depending on the material. Our portfolio can handle viscous flavorings, high-viscosity semi-solids in the pharmaceutical sector, chunky jam and many other fluids & pastes.

High-precision filling pumps with programmable suck-back function

Accurate, clean, automatic and repeatable: For precise material handling and exact compliance with the filling amount.

  • Volume flow: from 13 ml/min – 150 l/min (1)
  • Smallest filling quantity: 0.5 ml
  • Area of application: Filling, process dosing

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